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Bragging Rights

13925098_10105484327251702_289489995071178549_nThis past Saturday, I participated in my first Muddler. It’s a 5K race with mud related obstacles. The end result is mud being everywhere, and I mean everywhere. But it’s for a good cause. It supports our military personnel “who suffer injuries of the mind, body, or soul.” So why didn’t I just donate the money and skip the race? Good question. I asked that very question several times throughout the torture, umm I mean race.

I guess the reason anybody does anything like this is for bragging rights. But I don’t know that I really deserve to brag. I totally freaked in a mud pit when I envisioned earthworms crawling all over me. So I charged around my dear friend, causing mud to splash all over her and in her mouth. I apologized profusely, but I fear our friendship cannot rebound from such an event. No, I kid. She’s a very forgiving person. She needs to be with me. That’s her in the picture with me. See how she’s smiling. Yeah, that was before I kicked mud in her mouth.

Before the earthworm-induced panic, I had to swim in a dumpster. Yes, you heard me a dumpster. I feared that they didn’t sanitize the dumpster before filling it with water. So I asked one of the volunteers if it had been sanitized and she looked at me like I was crazy. Which quite frankly, I probably was a bit dazed from the scorching sun. Anyway, though she couldn’t assure me that it had been sanitized, I immersed myself in the muddy water anyway. And then nearly fainted when another volunteer told me I had to actually swim under a barrier to get to the other side. Was he kidding? I actually had to put my head in that mud-filled, unsanitized water.  People, that’s disgusting. See the grainy picture below and take note of the look of pure disgust on my face. Not my best moment.13879272_10208682261286385_8231273187274821915_n (1)

And there were several other obstacles that I have blocked out. So yeah. I don’t really deserve to brag. But I’ll tell ya who does.

A family that stuck with us throughout the torture. They were a family of three, a husband, wife, and teenage daughter. I’d overheard the mother telling someone that she’d been unwell for the past two years and just recently been feeling well enough to actually live again. This wife and mother did every single obstacle and I never heard her complain. Her husband stood nearby to assist her if she needed it and her daughter cheered her on and encouraged her through every stinky, muddy obstacle.

They are a family to admire.

They are a family that truly loved each other.

They are a family that deserves to brag.

So family of three, whoever you are, brag. Brag all you want because you deserve it.

Now excuse me while I go take another shower.