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Doubting Until It’s Too Late


God has been known on occasion to ask us to do some strange things. Things that we honestly don’t want to do. Like what if he asks us to bring someone toilet paper? No lie. It can happen. I know someone who got toilet paper during a really hard time and it was exactly what their family needed. It probably took a lot of courage for that person to show up at their door with a month’s supply of toilet paper, but she did it. And it truly blessed the family.

Sometimes we doubt that it’s God that we are hearing. We question it for so long that the moment passes. The cat we were supposed to take into our home has disappeared under a dumpster. The lady we were supposed to buy a bottle of water for has left Walmart. The deadline for signing up for that mission trip has passed.

I’ve doubted until it was too late more times than I’d like to admit.

But I’ve also listened. And those times that I’ve listened have been a true blessing. On a beautiful sunny day, I felt God telling me to give a woman an umbrella. I felt like an idiot, but I gave it to her. Immediately, she praised Jesus. It turned out she’d been praying for an umbrella to protect her from the sun. I was so glad that I obeyed God. That simple act has continued to fuel my faith for many years.

The truth is, I’ve probably missed out on a lot of blessings by ignoring God— by doubting until it’s too late. And that just winds up hurting me. God doesn’t need me to help someone else. He wants to use me so I too can be blessed. He wants us to be ready and willing to carry out his word because he loves us. And he wants to bless us with the joy of helping others.

The next time something pops into our head to do something that is hard, perhaps even embarrassing, we need to ask ourselves, would it bless that person? If the answer is yes, don’t keep doubting — just go for it.

It won’t be easy. But instead of doubting until it’s too late, I’m going to start believing until it happens.