Isa & Nate — Chapter Ten— Case Solved

“Are you ever going to tell me who ‘AB & CP’ are? Or do you insist on torturing me?” Nate repositioned a blue sofa pillow behind his back.

Isa glanced at Nate’s leg propped up on his grandmother’s coffee table. She’d been the first to sign his cast. Now there was a smattering of other names in various colors.

“I was waiting for the right time. I didn’t want it to be a let down to you.” She gave Nate a small smile. “I’d made such a big deal of finding Aunt Hazel’s old boyfriend. I guess I felt kind of foolish.”

Nate shook his head and grinned. “Isabelle you could never be foolish to me. In fact, I don’t even find it weird that you used the word foolish. It’s you. And that’s what makes you…you.” He leaned forward. “Now tell me.”

Isa sighed. “’AB’ stands for Arabella Ballis and ‘CP’ stands for Charlie Perry—my parents.” She dipped her chin and studied her feet.

Nate gasped. “Of course, those letters belonged to your parents. That makes total sense.”

“It does?” Isa looked up at Nate.

“Yeah. Your Aunt was saving them because it showed how much they loved each other. Maybe one day she was going to give them to you.”

“I guess.”

“What do you mean you guess? This means you didn’t cause your aunt to give up any boyfriends.”

“That we know of.”

Nate threw a pillow at Isa. “Your aunt loves you! And that is and was never a sacrifice. Stop being such a goose egg.”

Isa laughed. “Goose egg? You’ve been hanging out with me too long.”

Nate grinned. “Never.” He fingered the bandage over his eye. “I think this going to scar.”

Isa tilted her head and narrowed her eyes focusing on Nate’s bandage. “Good. You needed a little character.”

Nate scrunched his eyebrows, then winced. “Ouch. I’m not even going to ask.”

Isa patted Nate’s leg. “Well, you better hurry up and get better. I may need your help soon on another mystery.”

Nate’s eyes got wide. “Do tell.”Broken glass

“Not yet. I’m still working out the details. But let’s just say it involves a broken window, Tiger Lillies, and gum.”

“What?” Nate shook his head. “Life is never boring with you Isabelle.”

And Isabelle hoped it never would be.


The End. For Now.