Isa & Nate —Chapter Two—The Bewitching Hair Princess

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Chapter One- Isa & Nate Meet

Chapter Two

The Bewitching Hair Princess

Isa held her hand high. She knew the answer, she’d read it in a book. She looked outside while she waited for Mrs. Spofford to make a decision on who to call on. Isa didn’t know why she took so long, it wasn’t like anyone else had their hand up.

Isa noticed the start of fresh buds on the maple tree outside the classroom window. How she loved spring. A robin hopped from branch to branch. What would it be like to be a robin in spring? She’d detest having to eat worms, but it would be so nice to flit from branch to branch announcing to the world that spring had officially come.

Isa was faintly aware of hearing her name, she turned to see Mrs. Spofford glaring in her direction.

“Are you going to answer the question?”

“I would gladly do so if you could kindly remind me what you’d asked. You see I got so distracted by a robin announcing spring that I’ve completely forgotten your question.”

The classroom filled with laughter, but it wasn’t a scoffing laughter, more one of admiration. Isa could tell the difference.

Mrs. Spofford huffed. “Isa, you are the most exasperating student—.”

Nate cleared his throat. “To be fair, Ms. I too have forgotten the question. You did take a long time to pick someone.”

Isa turned in her seat and looked at Nate, who was two seats back and one row over. He gave her a quick wink, then turned his attention to a flustered Mrs. Spofford.

“Nate, you are new, so I’ll allow you some grace when it comes to our Isa. But don’t Iet Isa bewitch you as she has the rest of the class.”

A titter of laughter travailed the classroom.

Bewitched? Isa didn’t think she bewitched anybody, much less her entire tenth-grade English class. But she liked the fact that she was thought to have bewitched an entire class.

Nate nodded. “I will try to remember that.”

After class, Nate sidled up beside Isa as she walked toward the cafeteria. “How did you manage to bewitch an entire class? Is it your long, brown hair? Does that give you a secret power?”

Isa smiled. “Yes. You are correct. It holds the power of the moon and stars and one strand can put people in a trance and then they are mine to do my bidding.”

Nate slipped his fingers beneath Isa’s backpack strap and tugged it off her shoulder. “Allow me.”

Isa grabbed at her backpack strap. “I can carry my own backpack.”

“I have no doubt of that, oh bewitching hair princess, but your lunch is leaking.”

Isa stared down at her flowered insulated bag and saw a darkened circle at the bottom—water dripping to the floor. “Dang it. My water bottle must’ve been opened.” She glanced up at Nate. “You seem to be coming to my rescue a lot lately.”

“Even bewitching hair princesses, need help now and again.”

Isa laughed. “It’s true. We do. Speaking of which, how are you at solving mysteries?”

Nate quirked an eyebrow. “I’ve never solved one before, but I’m willing to give it a try. What do you have in mind?”

Isa started toward the cafeteria. “Oh it’s just a little research into my aunt’s love life. Or lack thereof. You interested?”

Nate grinned. “I have no plans for the next few…years. So yeah count me in.”

Isa touched a strand of her hair and winked. “It’s still got it.”