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Wake up! Wake up!

Seriously. Wake up! I’m talking to myself as I am you, dear reader. There is a whole world of hurting people out there, who are just mindlessly following idiotic TV shows, books and movies. Ugh. I want it to stop, but I don’t know how. We need an entertainment revival.

What’s that? You ask.

According to, revival means restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.

I absolutely love that definition, specifically the part where it says restoration to life. And that’s what we need. A revival within our entertainment industry where TV, movies, and books bring life.  I’d love to see more TV shows that are funny without being vulgar. Romance stories that show respect and love between married folks. And TV shows, movies, and books that show Christians for who they are—imperfect people saved by grace. Not weirdos that have outdated ideas and beliefs.

There are good movies coming out soon that show Christian values like God’s Not Dead Two, Risen, and Miracles from Heaven. I think it’s awesome that these movies are coming out. If I’ve missed any, please let me know.

However, except for a few exceptions most TV shows, books and movies seem to operate on the principal that the more vulgar it is the more popular it is. Am I right? I hope not. I may just be jaded. Honestly, sometimes I want to just curl up and read Anne of Green Gables and block out the rest of the world. But I can’t do that. Because for one I have responsibilities. I do have three kids that require my daily attention and a wonderful husband. And I have you too, dear reader. And I owe something to you for taking the time to read my posts.

But what can we do?

Seriously. I’m asking. What can we do?

I can give you my usual response. And that’s to pray. And that’s important. But we should also act.

So what actions should we take?

For one, we can refuse to watch the trash that they are throwing at us. Not too long ago I went to see a movie at the theater with a friend. It was a comedy. And it was absolutely tasteless. I should have walked out, but I didn’t. I sat through it. I should have researched it better before agreeing to go to it, but I didn’t. The truth is I knew it would have some bad parts (I’m not totally naive), but I had no idea it would be that bad. I hadn’t been to the movies in a long time (I know that’s pitiful, but my life is not conducive to going out to movies) and I was shocked at how horrible movies have become. Okay, now I sound like an old lady complaining about the downward spiral of today’s culture. But hey. Those old ladies might be on to something.

So what else can we do besides refuse to watch or read the icky stuff. We can watch the good stuff. The more people show an interest in the good stuff, the more they’ll make the good stuff. Hollywood will produce what sells, they aren’t stupid. (Okay, I know that may be debatable, but let’s keep it nice.)

So far we have a good plan. So now what? We create the good stuff. That’s right, dear readers. We need to create the books, TV shows, and movies that we want to watch. If you are a writer, videographer, actor, singer, or whatever…use your talents to create something that gives life.

So that’s it. Our action plan is to:


Refuse to watch icky stuff!

Watch the good stuff!

Create the good stuff!

We can do that, right? Stay tuned, because on Wednesday I’m going to let you know about a book by a great author and trust me it’s one of the good ones!

Thanks for helping me work this out. I think I might try creating some good stuff and work on my novel now. And while I do that enjoy  Wake up! Wake up! by Everyday Sunday.

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