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Why Am I Doing This?

Dear reader, the following is something I wrote in a moment of frustration. So I decided to share it because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way at one point or another…writer or not. And maybe you, dear reader, need this reminder also.

Why am I staring at this blank screen? Why am I doing this? Why can’t I figure out what to write? Why does this have to be so hard? Why don’t I quit?

Oh, because I have a mission. A goal. A reason to write.

I chose to write to make a difference. To shed light in this dark world. That’s why I can’t quit. I won’t quit.

The truth is, it would be simpler to just stop. To lead my life in my nice little circle and not put myself out there. And I know that God isn’t requiring this of me. It’s not like I have to write so many books before I earn my way into heaven. His gift of salvation is free, no strings attached.

I wouldn’t have to write another word and I’d still go to heaven.

But yet I want to write for God. Because I love Him. And I want to make him happy.

And I know deep in my heart that writing makes him happy because what I write can make others’ lives better.

So that’s why I’m writing. That’s why I spend so much time poring over my books, editing, re-writing, and pulling at my hair in frustration.

Because I love God.