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Woo Hoo! Big Announcement!


I have a literary agent!!! I signed a contract with Hartline Literary Agency. This is big news, dear readers. It means I’m one step closer to publication. One step on a very long road. Seriously. Don’t expect me to come back anytime soon announcing a publishing contract. It takes time. A lot of it. And it’s not a guarantee that just because you get an agent that you’ll get a publishing contract. Wait. I’m not going down that pessimistic path. It will happen!

And here’s a picture of me signing my contract.IMG_20160810_135610

I have a big favor to ask, dear readers, will you please pray for me in this adventure? I’d really appreciate it. Y’all are awesome. Truly. Sending love and magical unicorn thoughts your way. Why unicorns? Because they make me smile. So do toucans. But that’s just weird. Why am I babbling? This post has taken a weird turn. Must be all the agent excitement. For real. I’m going now. Thanks for reading. And praying!

  • Kim Vandel

    Congratulations, Dana! I’m so happy for you!

    • Dana Romanin

      Thanks, Kim!

    • pdromanin

      Thanks, Kim!