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Write What Saves, Not What Sells

As writers, it is sometimes easy to be sucked into what is popular. We want to be popular. Or at least we want our books to be popular. And what’s popular in this world is most often not what God would want us thinking about, much less writing about.

There is a fine line between writing books that are real. And writing books that are hogwash.

Writers have a tendency to push an agenda beyond entertainment. Most every writer does it. And if you don’t then maybe you should. Because if you don’t push your own morals then you’re pushing somebody else’s. Rarely is anything written purely for entertainment purposes. Something written without any morals is well, just lacking morals. Why do I say all of this?

Because as writers we have a choice…raise awareness of something better.

Or of something worse.

Now the challenge is that all our moral compasses can be different. What one writer thinks is good. Another writer may think is bad.

So I try to make sure that my moral compass points to God.

Let me get real for a second, the smarter I try to sound, the dumber I sound. Seriously. I never claimed to be some brilliant writer. In fact, my lack of brilliance is, I think, the exact reason God chose me to write. The other day I wrote a post that was complete gibberish. Why? Because I was writing in my own power. And it stunk. It was total hogwash.

What you’ll find, dear reader, on this website are the ramblings of a writer devoted to God. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it may be hogwash. And no I’m not talking about my recent post on zombies. I stand by that post. But I pray that my hogwash won’t actually make it on here. I hope I catch it before I hit the publish button. The definition of hogwash according to is meaningless or insincere talk, writing, etc.

And I don’t want my books to be meaningless. And oftentimes what’s popular in our culture seems to be meaningless. So if that’s the case, I don’t want to write what sells. I want to write what saves. I try to write what I know to be good, uplifting, encouraging, and life-giving. That doesn’t mean that I shy away from the tough stuff. Or that my characters just hold hands…nothing more. My books are realistic. However, I never leave it at that. I always have a reason behind every scene. In my book, Abby’s Letters, the characters have some messed up things happen. Some of it is caused by their own bad decisions.

But in the end, I endeavor to leave my readers with a message of hope. Because without hope, there’s despair. And I just can’t have that.




  • Wow. What truth you share here Dana. I am so encouraged by the sincerity in this message. Thank you so much for this reminder. It is something I needed today as I spend some time writing. Continue writing out of your heart and for God! He radiates through everything you share! <3

    • Dana Romanin

      Thank you! It’s something that I constantly have to remind myself. That’s why I wrote a post about it. I figure if I put it out there I’m gonna have to stick to it!

      • Haha, yes! Putting it on ‘paper’ & sharing it with others is the best way to be held accountable. 😀